Mind the Gap. What Different Generations Want From Retailers

Retail executives often talk about the need to improve the online and in-store customer experiences, drive in-store traffic, and to engage with customers in meaningful ways. But, this is easier said than done—especially across generational cohorts.

Get to know your consumer

You can start by figuring out what actually matters to your consumers of each generation, why it matters to them and how it impacts the customer experience. For instance, we’ve been hearing that brick-and-mortar is dead (“killed” by millennials), but both Gen Z and millennials are more likely to shop in-store than Gen Z and baby boomers.

This isn’t surprising. For younger generations, shopping is still a social event, just like going to the mall with friends was for you as a teenager. It’s today’s shopping experience that’s different, affected by heightened expectations of convenience and personalization.

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