The Essential Guide to IT Infrastructure Decisions for Small Businesses

IT leaders for small businesses factor two key criteria in IT infrastructure decisions:

1. Maximizing business uptime
2. Minimizing technology spend

To be successful, these leaders should follow a six-step process, focusing on critical business goals, identifying infrastructure obstacles to achieving them, detailing the organization’s requirements and pinpointing the total cost of ownership for the technology investment.

These steps distill the best practices used by small business IT leaders to successfully deploy, maintain and grow IT infrastructure to enable business growth.

These IT leaders have made Dell Technologies the world’s leading supplier of small business IT infrastructure solutions. Overall, IDC gave Dell the No. 1 worldwide position in servers, by units shipped and No. 1 worldwide, by vendor revenue. IDC listed Dell Technologies as No. 1 in enterprise storage, by vendor revenue.

This market position is based on the buying decisions of thousands of IT leaders, who have been convinced of the superiority of Dell Technologies’ IT solutions, including hardware, software, and services.

This guide assumes the following:

  • Your IT resources – spending plan, in-house staff, and expertise – are limited
  • Business downtime for whatever reason – outdated or inadequate technology, lack of management capabilities, sophisticated cyberattacks – is unacceptable.
  • Enabling and sustaining growth is the organisation’s business priority for IT capability.

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