Connecting Personnel Planning With Automated Workflows

Informed and accurate planning is critical for success in today’s business environment. For business leaders to adequately drive organizational growth, they must be able to create goals, predict what may happen in the future, and create a roadmap to achieve those goals. A recent Aberdeen survey uncovered the top three challenges driving organizations to improve their planning processes.

In order, these include: A need to transform existing business models Decreasing profit margins A lack of relevant information Top performing organizations have addressed these challenges by adopting technology that enables them to collect accurate information and facilitate a more successful planning process. For example, one of the most important parts of organizational budgeting is personnel planning. People are the drivers within an organization, and being understaffed, overstaffed, or misallocated can severely halt that growth. Effective personnel planning is an integral part of creating a holistic organizational plan. This eBook uncovers how your organization can more effectively manage the personnel planning process, as well as extend the lessons learned from personnel budgeting across the entire planning process

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