Driving Global Payroll from Your HCM System

Integration between payroll and other human capital management (HCM) functions is critical for companies looking for an efficient, consolidated process that can increase the return on their capital investment in these areas. Despite recent advances in cloud technology and a wave of enterprise-class HCM system deployments, many organizations still rely on disparate systems and manual processes to track and implement payroll changes in different countries. From every relevant perspective—Line Management, HR, Payroll & Finance—this dependence on spreadsheets, email, and other forms of manual intervention impedes efficiency, transparency, and overall operational excellence.

Realizing the full value of your investment in a global HCM solution requires integration that enables managers to drive localized payroll processes in different countries from the company’s global HCM system—with seamless processing and reporting across departments, time zones, and borders. Investing in a new payroll solution is a decision that can produce long-term benefits for your organization. However, the actual transition to a new system is the end of a longer process that starts with building a business case, identifying a target operating model, researching vendors, and developing an action plan tailored to your goals.

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