4 Ways To Improve How You Evaluate Your People

Ironic, isn’t it? That the review process designed to help companies increase their employees’ performance doesn’t often receive a performance review itself? Performance reviews stick around and fail to improve quarter after quarter, year after year.

Even if you feel like your reviews are pretty great, chances are, not everyone is satisfied with them. In BambooHR’s most recent study on performance reviews,

we found that even HR—who favors performance reviews most—has some criticisms. The top five are:

1. They create a culture of competition rather than collaboration.

2. They create unnecessary politics.

3. They are an inaccurate reflection of performance.

4. They hurt engagement and innovation.

5. Nothing constructive comes from performance reviews.

It’s no secret that people aren’t satisfied with traditional performance reviews. Yes, they’re not always effective. But performance reviews have good intentions, and we don’t think they’re beyond being fixed. So, how can we improve them