The Age of Anytime, Anywhere: Flexible Working is a Must-Have

Fortunately, there are tools that can help along the way.

Best-in-class, user-friendly technologies are no longer restricted to the ivory towers of large enterprises. Today, the cloud makes it possible to implement powerful, integrated solutions with the convenience of a Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment — no upfront costs, and a steady ‘price per user per month’ payment model. The cloud was a massive enabler for SMBs during the pandemic, with 82% of SMBs in 48 countries ramping up adoption.

As we move forward and navigate the quarters that lie ahead, remote work software can help SMBs carry on the transformation momentum gained in the last few months, and cross new growth milestones.

Specifically, SMBs need cloud-hosted tools to navigate six ongoing trends.

  1. The rise of the empowered employee.
  2. Democratization of digital, away from enterprise-only ivory towers.
  3. Universal customer expectations and opening of new markets.
  4. Low touch, low touch, and more of low touch.
  5. Proactive and not passive collaboration.
  6. A new IT help desk to keep up with growing digital needs.

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