The Voice Choice

For businesses looking to move their communications to the cloud, not choosing a true cloud solution exposes them to a host of problems, including low call quality (latency and jitter), higher reliability issues, additional costs, and potential security issues. These predicaments contribute to a diminished experience for the business, and especially the customers they seek to serve.

This is because cloud-washed solutions are simply hosted in virtualized data centers. On the other hand, true cloud solutions are hosted off-site offer consistent automated upgrades, and follow a multitenant architecture. They also provide self-service, auto scaling, and usage-metering capabilities, all of which follow the definition provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology

To that end, businesses must choose a communications solution with DNA rooted in the benefits of a true cloud solution. Those characteristics include:

A unique physical and multi-tenant architecture that requires no on-premise equipment:

  • A wide distribution of active/active data centers
  • Microservices
  • Global States
  • WebRTC

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