The Value of a True Cloud ERP Platform Platform


Our Experience: Today, cloud computing enables companies to adapt to changing business models, both strategically and operationally. Companies with a cloud-first strategy have learned that the cloud’s real value comes with being able to delegate the Service Level Agreement (SLA) of an entire solution, from infrastructure to application, instead of components. It is also widely recognized that a cloud platform reduces complexity and total cost of ownership and increases reliability, enabling faster development processes and decreasing risk. Companies that take an ad hoc approach miss out on many of the cloud’s benefits and experience a variety of pitfalls. In the current state of the market, not all cloud providers can step up to the challenge of providing an integrated offering, and that forces companies to manage more than they want to.

NetSuite Value Proposition: As a leading cloud ERP company, NetSuite has championed the cause to deliver not only a true cloud platform but also strives continuously to develop a truly integrated suite for our growing global customer base of more than 22,000. Further, the SuiteSuccess customer engagement model is helping thousands of new customers deploy the platform faster and leverage leading business process practices to both create and realize value within their organization much sooner than traditional approaches

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