2023 – The year to deploy Machine Learning and AI in your data center?

How can data centers resolve what appear to be two potentially conflicting demands: supporting escalating workloads while still cutting their carbon usage and helping to support ESG goals?

To fix this we have brought you a White Paper !

Why Consider This Guide?
This White Paper sets out how Machine Learning and an AI-enabled software-based optimization can now play a key role in helping data centers to deliver against both workload demands and energy reduction goals.
It will also detail how this approach is already helping EkkoSense customers to deliver the benefits below.

  • Moving beyond traditional data center infrastructure tools.
  • Setting out how Machine Learning and AI can really make a difference.
  • five key stages of effective softwarebased optimization
  • Taking things to the next level with 3D digital twins that help manage the Machine Learning process.
  • Driving software-based optimization with EkkoSense Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Enhance operating efficiencies by making the most of anomaly detection.
  • Turning Machine Learning insights into AI-powered actions – Cooling Advisor.

EkkoSense has already helped its clients to reduce their cooling power-related emissions with quantifiable carbon reductions contributing directly to corporate ESG and net zero sustainability targets.